JOHANNESBURG, South Africa ― The news that Winnie Madikizela-Mandela had died on Monday at 81 years old brought South Africa
On Valentine’s Day, love is typically celebrated as an intense, personal feeling ― an intimate, romantic bond that ties two
A journey of transformation in South Africa.
The leaders of Africa have sorely struggled to secure socio-economic security for all for more than five decades.
Some have perceived Bhagat Singh as a terrorist, others as a revolutionary and yet others who have identified him as both. The reality, however, is much broader than this, and the pigeonholing of this great nationalist--a common impropriety in biographers of historical icons-- misses the point.
Politics in India wasn't always like this. Every Indian knows of the inspiring stories of sacrifice and selflessness which adorned India's noble struggle for freedom. Our freedom fighters did not define their nationalism on the lines of casteist, religious or linguistic identity. Rather, they strove to unite a difficultly diverse country into a single nation, defined on the lines of noble values and principles, such as liberty, equality, fraternity and justice. That was Indian nationalism.
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Students in Rajasthan will not learn about iconic world leader Nelson Mandela, or read the works of celebrated romantic poet