odd even

Sarath Guttikunda, the founder-director of UrbanEmissions.Info, said cities need is to stop looking at band-aid solutions and start looking at long-term solutions.
CM Kejriwal has appealed to people to follow the odd-even rule for the sake of their children and the city.
The plea cited a CPCB report that found that during the implementation period, ambient air quality of the city was found to be more deteriorated.
The rest of the country is loving it though.
Past instances of the odd-even scheme have shown that the odd-even scheme has done nothing to improve air quality in the city.
Will this help Delhi's hazardous pollution levels?
While the future of the odd-even formula to beat pollution and congestion in Delhi roads will be decided by judicial activism, the idea itself has several other applications that could go a long way in saving the money of India's long-suffering taxpayers.