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Hooking up is a battle when you can’t switch off cultural sanctions and anxieties.
Therapists say dating app angst is high for many singles.
Soft ghosting is basically ghosting with a thin veil of nicety.
Soft ghosting is basically ghosting with a thin veil of nicety.
In the span of one year, Holly Martyn did something that would make most people exhausted to even think about: She went on
Kittenfishing sounds cuter than catfishing, but it’s almost as bad.
Facebook hasn’t done enough to deal with the scammers who already frequent the site.
Yes, Tinder is a Brave New World. But it also, depressingly for some, seems it’s not so different to the old one
Ten years is a really long time to be single. It’s also a good amount of time to see the natural evolution of a thing. Since
Hundreds of thousands of women and men worldwide fall victim to online romance scams every year. Reported losses in the U.S
Of course, men who are drawn into these scams come from many walks of life. In the case of Dr. Steve G. Jones, a clinical
Everyone likes to hear nice stuff said about themselves, but in a relationship things can easily get a little stale and forced
The 90s called, and they want their clichés back.
If you’re not a fan of swiping left or right, it’s easy to get demoralized about the current state of dating.  But don’t