Raghuram Rajan

The numbers will likely get worse once there are estimates of the damage in the informal sector, Rajan said.
5 things we learnt from the conversation between Raghuram Rajan and Rahul Gandhi,
The former Prime Minister said the government’s apathy was affecting the aspirations and future of Indians.
“It was in Rajan’s time as Governor of the RBI that loans were given just based on phone calls from crony leaders," she said.
People in the authority, Rajan emphasised, have to tolerate criticism.
Gandhi said his party will fulfil the promise of minimum guaranteed income to the poor.
The former RBI governor said “a revamp” was needed “to really figure out what India’s true growth rate is”.
The former RBI governor said he believes that capitalism is breaking down because it is not providing equal opportunities.
The former RBI governor said Indian economy would continue to grow while growth rate is slowing down in China.
The growth was not only impacted due to demonetisation but also because of implementation of GST, Rajan said.
Jay Narayan Vyas was referring to the MA (History) degree of the new RBI chief.
Rajan said Patel's statement should be respected and there people should not go into the details of what forced him to quit.
The two successive shocks of demonetisation and the GST had a serious impact on growth in India, the former RBI governor said at the University of California
There is no direct link between demonetisation and growth slowdown, he said.
The former RBI governor has been tipped to be in the running by Clarivate Analytics.
“I was asked by the government in February 2016 for my views on demonetisation, which I gave orally.”
"Obviously, Rajan wouldn’t have supported it."
With the economy growing in excess of 7 percent, most economists had predicted no change in the benchmark.