‘Book Masala’, begun over a meal of anda bhurji masala, has helped me find a book-championing family in Bengaluru.
The Kalyani Public Library, which had just one bookshelf for young readers, taught me to love books but I’m not nostalgic for it.
Books that Sama had once recommended morphed into consolations and received dedicated spots on my bookshelf.
Romance readers are often taught to internalise shame for “wasting” their time with frivolous books instead of reading something worthy.
If you’ve been finding it hard to pick up a book, this list may help.
I read books in secret, on the bus risking my vertigo, at railway stations amidst overpowering noise, in between chemistry exams, and during church sermons.
Ira Mukhoty writes about Mughal emperor Akbar's life in great detail in her new book, 'Akbar: The Great Mughal'.
This collection of essays by 13 happily unmarried women, edited by Kalpana Sharma, is a welcome attempt at redefining the normal, one decision, one choice at a time.
It will be weird at first. But in the long run, it's totally worth it.
‘Bombay Balchão’, ‘Girl in White Cotton’, ‘The Far Field’ and a bunch of other enjoyable books to end the year with.