Rohith Vemula

Four years after her son’s death, as India’s university students across the country rise up once more, Radhika Vemula has become a symbol of inspiration and resistance.
There are many moments in Ilaiah’s memoir, ‘From a Shepherd Boy to an Intellectual’, that speak to anyone looking to sustain a life of reading and writing.
Hours after the young scholar's suicide, thousands of protesters were on the streets, waving blue flags.
Sections of students of the university and outfits under the ‘Rohith Vemula Struggle and Solidarity Committee’ banner had given a call for ‘Chalo HCU’ for 17 January.
Besides, the term ‘apolitical’ is a misnomer.
The institute has also invited controversial former Baster IG Kalluri.
"Rohith wrote that he was taking the extreme step because he had committed the sin of taking birth in such form."
The ministry said the file was 'under submission'
'Immediate action against officers responsible for inhuman attack on protesters'
The journalist Kunal S was booked on charge of trespass.
There's no explanation after an RTI was filed.
Nobody is responsible for Rohith Vemula's death, according to the probe.
"Why am I always unhappy?" he had written in a note.
The fight over whether Vemula was a Dalit or not has been going on for a while.
The selection includes his reflections on a wide range of subjects