The co-authored essay in a new book also highlights how the judiciary is evading accountability by resisting transparency in its functioning.
The Amit Shah-led ministry did not give any reason for denying the information requested by Sushil Raghav, who claims he belongs to Lord Ram’s dynasty.
The Delhi Police reported 52 deaths to the home ministry but cited the much lower figure of 23 deaths in its reply to an RTI query.
Three months after the Modi govt made changes to the original RTI law claiming it was "clumsy" and drafted in "haste", Shah said it had contributed to improving Indian democracy.
But the changes suggested by Yashovardhan Azad, a former IPS officer, are diametrically opposite to the amendments passed by the Narendra Modi government in parliament.
The central government getting to decide the salaries and tenure of information commissioners will undermine the autonomy of the officials who must remain independent.
Reports say the Opposition dubbed it the 'RTI Elimination Bill'.
The Kerala Chief Information Commissioner took cognisance of Ashok’s RTI during a video conference in the Pathanamthitta Collectorate.
Activist who filed an RTI application seeking minutes of the RBI's board meeting which approved demonetisation describes his over two-year-long struggle to get the documents.
Secrecy in amending the RTI Act as well as in the appointment of Information Commissioners in the CIC reveal the government's intention to destroy the spirit of the transparency law.