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D'Souza, who says her hearing was impaired due to the violence, has filed an FIR against Mandhana.
The various vocal plays that SPB often indulged in, that was considered over the top by some critics, only made him more relatable.
Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Aamir Khan also stepped out to vote.
Everyone was dressed to the nines but as is true for us normals, the photos were better on Instagram.
Salman Khan has been known for his brash and abusive behaviour.
Vivek Oberoi's hopes have been dashed by the Election Commission, which halted the Modi biopic's release. But he should be used to disappointment by now.
'Dabangg 3' is being shot on the banks of Narmada river.
This story basically sums up the shady ways of Bollywood.
For Barjatya, the journey to arrive at the name which would later become a signature mark for all his films, was a thought-out process