It's the first time water on sunlit areas of the lunar surface has been confirmed.
The winners of the 46th annual Nikon Small World photo competition are truly amazing.
The Nobel Committee awarded half the prize for physics to Roger Penrose and the other half jointly to Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez.
As a new study shows that the number of Indian women publishing papers on Covid-19 is much lower than men, young Indian researchers say the gender gap is worsening.
Indigenous groups have condemned the proposal, slamming it as showing "total disregard" for their rights.
A UK-led team has made the "stunning" discovery.
The Arctic has been warming at twice the global rate for the past 30 years.
Perseverance, the biggest and most sophisticated Mars rover ever built, will bring the first Martian rock samples back to Earth around 2031.
Scientists say an influenza strain found in the pigs needs to be watched closely.
The launch would have been the first time in nearly a decade that the United States launched astronauts into orbit from U.S. soil.