student politics

The attack on SFI activist Akhil by his own comrades in University College has left the Pinarayi Vijayan government on the backfoot and put a spotlight on student politics in the state.
Besides, the term ‘apolitical’ is a misnomer.
Police raid on a state-run college in Pulwama has triggered major student protests. 
The cops allegedly assaulted women and journalists. 
NEW DELHI -- The raw video footage of the controversial February 9 JNU event, on which a sedition case was registered against
If politics is your real interest, which I suspect it is, then stop the pretence of being a student and join an organization like the INC, AAP or CPI(M) that will appreciate and nurture your ideas. As things stand, you're making a mockery of doctoral studies and you are actually perpetuating a big farce. Face the nation as a politician and don't hide behind the facade of being a student.
At 9.30pm someone announced that "comrade Kanhaiya" had reached the campus. A frisson of excitement rippled through the large crowd. This was the moment everybody had been waiting for, the cathartic moment. The knowledge that Kanhaiya was back in the campus, where he belonged, was like a release from the vilification and slander of the last 20 days.
Rohith Vemula's story is an extremely upsetting cautionary tale about the way caste plays out in the sleek brick and glass buildings of our educational institutions. The barring of Rohith and his fellow students from campus for expressing their political views calls to mind the lingering image of Dalits being forbidden to enter temples. Is the sanctum of the scriptures so different from the libraries that house knowledge?