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The Rajya Sabha MP also gave an ultimatum to BJP to remove IT cell head Amit Malviya by Thursday.
The Rajya Sabha lawmaker on what's next for Hindutva and L.K. Advani's legacy.
The Rajya Sabha MP says the deepening economic slowdown will hurt the BJP's chances in the Jharkhand and Delhi Assembly elections.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has surrounded himself with yes-men while the Indian economy heads for a tailspin followed by a collapse, said the veteran politician and Harvard-trained economist.
Rajya Sabha lawmaker said that people had "risen" above caste in the 2019 Lok Sabha election, and "forgiven" the Modi government's poor economic performance.
India is too big a country to centralise all decision-making, the BJP leader said.
Swamy held out the possibility that Mayawati could be persuaded to join the BJP in such a scenario.
The Rajya Sabha MP on where the BJP government went wrong and whether Narendra Modi will be PM again.
Congress said the Modi government was trying to divert attention from agrarian distress and unemployment.
BJP leader Subramanian Swamy Monday moved the Supreme Court for urgent listing of his plea seeking enforcement of his fundamental right to worship at the disputed Ram Temple site at Ayodhya.