terror attack

Gunmen attacked six places in central Vienna on Monday evening, starting outside the main synagogue.
Police said they had shot dead one of the attackers.
His father confirmed the news, describing his son as "a beautiful spirit who always took the side of the underdog."
The suicide bomber blew himself up in an apartment.
The blasts took place in Karachi, Quetta and Parachinar.
High alert has been sounded in Jammu
The chief minister of Kashmir extended her condolences to the families of the bereaved.
I am not going to #PrayforNice‬. We have all seen what praying for Paris and Brussels achieved. It does not help the victims nor does it prevent future incidents. It only helps us, at an individual level, feel a bit better about the incomprehensible horror and cruelty of our world, so that we can move on with our own lives.
This Eid comes with a heavy heart. It has been a long night's journey into Ramadan. Orlando. Syria. Dhaka. Baghdad. Medina
From the outpouring of grief, emerges the portrait of a young woman who cared deeply about poverty, lived passionately and