Uttar Pradesh police

The court had on Friday dismissed an application filed by the Kerala Union of Working Journalists seeking permit for them and a lawyer to meet Kappan,
The UP government's statements in court contradict family statements, medical and media reports.
The union said Siddique Kappan was trying to do his duty as a reporter.
Photos shared by journalists showed heavy police deployment outside the family's house. A family member said they were not allowed to speak with the media
"We would like to examine if the economic and social status of the deceased’s family has been taken advantage of by the state authorities to oppress and deprive them of their Constitutional rights," the bench said.
The woman had returned home later in an autorickshaw with an intravascular cannula inserted in her hand.
The woman's brother said the attack took place because the husband wanted to know the baby’s gender.
Right wing groups like the VHP and Bajrang Dal are reviving 'love-jihad' conspiracies in Uttar Pradesh.
Aftab's son says he recorded his father's last call where the assailants can be heard saying 'Bol Jai Shri Ram'. But police claim they were talking to someone else.
Earlier a 17-year-old Dalit girl and another 13-year-old girl were found dead in the district and were allegedly raped and killed.