vande mataram

Afzal Hussain said he could have lost his life because of the incident.
Following Tamil Nadu's footsteps.
He also said people should buy khadi.
Aag Hai, Aulad-E-Ibraheem Hai, Namrood Hai; Kya Kisi Ko Phir Kisi Ka Imtihaan Maqsood Hai! (Tyrants and flames once more
Congress declared this days after Uttarakhand minister Dhan Singh Rawat said that those who want to live in the state must sing 'Vande Mataram'.
Many remained seated during the song, thus 'insulting' it, said BJP. 
The mayor passed a resolution to keep away those who didn't follow suit.
Several international artistes such as Jay Z, Demi Lavato and The Vamps also performed at the event.
NEW DELHI -- Efforts are being made by right-wing groups to change India's national anthem and replace 'Jana Gana Mana' with