WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said, "Sharing finite supplies strategically and globally is actually in each country’s national interest."
Experts say that while the resolution gives a clear advantage to China, it's too early for the country to declare victory.
Prakash Javadekar had said on Friday that there were not studies done in India to prove air pollution affected the health of people.
Toxic air disproportionately affects children under the age of five, study finds.
"It hurts India’s image, hurts the India story, hurts tourism, hurts medical tourism"
WHO said China had made big improvements that India should follow.
Ink Drop/ShutterstockPatricia McGettigan, Queen Mary University of London and Allyson Pollock, Newcastle University Efforts
'Depression: Let's Talk,' a year-long global campaign by the World Health Organisation (WHO) took off on 7 April, World Health
The WHO document said that 322 million people are living with depression worldwide.
"Does the dean really believe that I completed all the mandatory routine check-ups with a cockroach in my pocket?"
The draft National Health Policy is likely to be sent for Cabinet approval early next month.
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That safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) prevent diseases is not unknown, yet it receives underwhelming attention. India ranks among countries with the highest rates of diseases and death among mothers and children.
NEW DELHI -- A new study conducted by the Health and Family Welfare ministry and the World Health organization (WHO) Country
Road safety is a critical issue in India. The number of vehicles on its roads is rising, urban centres are congested, and motorway networks are expanding. However, the rules and regulations governing road safety date back to the Motor Vehicle Act 1988 (MVA), which is outdated and poorly enforced. Then there is a general lack of awareness of basic traffic rules, absence of traffic signage and lights, and dangerous road conditions. Finally, neither passenger nor commercial vehicles come equipped with basic safety features.
LONDON -- Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar will feature in a video campaign by the World Health Organisation to raise awareness
NEW DELHI -- Cancer is the second biggest killer after heart disease in India, with 3.5 lakh people succumbing to the disease
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GENEVA -- The Zika virus is "spreading explosively" in the Americas and can infect upto four million people, the WHO warned