The Associated Press conducted the first comprehensive investigation focusing on the brutal treatment of women in the production of palm oil, including the hidden scourge of sexual abuse, ranging from verbal harassment and threats to rape.
"Here I had to be quiet and obedient. The furniture, the windows and the house repulsed me."
Rohena Gera’s film prods our notions of class, the set ways of hierarchy in the world, even in our own homes
The Shabana Azmi film tries to explore the idea of women perpetuating patriarchal violence, but gives up midway.
Thousands of Bangladeshis, across ages, are protesting on the streets and online after a number of cases of sexual violence over the past two months led to an eruption of rage.
HuffPost UK reader Gill asked: “I heard research has shown reduced oestrogen makes you more vulnerable to bad Covid. Is this true?”
Grace Forrest, co-founder of the Walk Free anti-slavery organization, said that means one in every 130 women and girls is living in modern slavery today.
The employee has mentioned multiple incidents of harassment and assault in her FIR against Times Network MD Anand MK. Times Network has denied the allegations.
The space agency unveiled its Artemis Plan to reestablish a presence on the moon "in preparation for human exploration of Mars."
A woman COVID patient was allegedly assaulted by an ambulance driver while being taken to a treatment centre near Pathanamthitta.