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he for she

"Even though I was fighting to end homophobia, I realized the root of homophobia was sexism."
On International Women's Day, we have a responsibility to ask ourselves what more we could be doing to advocate for the women in our lives. It's important for us to take this moment to reflect on the state of gender inequality around the world, because, while progress has been made, it's clear that we still have a long way to go.
On Saturday 6th February, the world will mark the International Day for Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).
At our 2015 Annual Luncheon, Governor Jay Nixon signed equal pay Executive Order 15-09. An executive order (E.O.) is a policy or regulation issued by the Governor, which has the force of law. E.O. 15-09 promotes gender pay equity in the workplace by directing state agencies and encouraging private sector organizations to use best practice guidelines to identify and address gender wage gaps within their organization.
Karen Haller, leading color psychology specialist, told me: "Children absolutely love color. The best thing you can do for
We need to create a society where girls and women are getting the same encouragement and support to build their careers as the boys and men are. From the start. That's just my #78cents.
In the last year, young women have moved so quickly past the question of whether or not you're a feminist to the conclusion that yes, we should all be feminists.
If you want to celebrate International Women's Day with Emma Watson, you're in luck. The Q&A is part of #HeForShe, launched
@lordvoldemot @HeforShe Become an engineer. — Emma Watson (@EmWatson) January 23, 2015 Female engineers then began responding
Recently, I was amazed to receive an invitation from a 13 year old boy to speak at his fundraiser. This brilliant young boy, Max Byrant, decided to organize a local event in his community to raise awareness on Girls Education globally.
Join the #futureisfemale conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson recently
Many historical women whose accomplishments we are aware of today had to battle society's perceptions of women's proper place. Some women were fortunate enough to have the support of a man in their endeavors -- the "He for She" paradigm Emma Watson recently spoke of at the U.N.
Not this time. Celebrities have rallied in response to the threats and the misogynist thinking behind them, tweeting in support
If we are to make real strides in reducing maternal deaths, we need all hands on deck -- hands of both women and men. The U.N. Women's "He for She" campaign stresses this truth.