Dr. Andrea Pennington

Integrative Physician | TEDx Speaker | Bestselling Author | Visionary Brand Strategist | Mindfulness Meditation Geek

Andrea Pennington is an integrative medicine doctor, acupuncturist, TEDx speaker and author of several books including I Love You, Me! and The Orgasm Prescription for Women. She specializes in self-love, mindfulness and authentic self-expression. She is nationally recognized as an expert in meditation, resilience and positive psychology with multiple appearances on Oprah, Dr. Oz, CNN, The Today Show and LUXE-TV.

Dr. Andrea is the host of 'Liberate Your Authentic Self' on US talk radio network, America Out Loud. She has been a luxury lifestyle, beauty and wellbeing reporter and a proud TV host and producer, including her role as Medical Director and Spokesperson for Discovery Health Channel. She is the author and contributor to 10 books including #1 bestseller, The Orgasm Prescription for Women, Time to Rise, How to Liberate and Love Your Authentic Self, Daily Compassion Meditation, The Pennington Plan : 5 Simple Steps for Achieving Vibrant Health, Emotional Wellbeing and Spiritual Growth and the Pennington Plan For Weight Success. “I help people create and enjoy a life filled with passion, purpose and ageless vitality by eliminating the cause(s) of their ‘dis-ease’ and creating a personalized lifestyle plan that promotes health, prevents disease, increases happiness and slows aging. My specialty is taking people from drowning in tragedy to fulfilling their destiny. I use techniques and tricks from mind-body medicine, positive psychology coaching, and the 5 elements of Chinese medicine to empower people to overcome the mental obstacles and destructive habits that prevent them from experiencing total wellness. So, whether I’m treating a person with diabetes, depression or sexual dysfunction, my goal is to get to the root cause of their condition and set them on the road toward living a full life which is in alignment with their values and ideals.“ ~ Dr. Andrea