Aaron Anson

Inspirational self-help speaker and author, 'Mind Your Own Life: The Journey Back to Love'

Bradley Aaron Anson is an inspirational self-help speaker and the author of Mind Your Own Life: The Journey Back to Love. Anson has been featured by AARP and many other media outlets. He has appeared on several radio shows, and at literary events around the country with his passionate message of love.

Anson was largely self-taught, influenced by the writing of Thoreau and other great thinkers. He has inspired readers and listeners around the world to live life, open, honest, and authentically, with an empowering message. He considers his writing a vessel for those with muted voices longing to be heard.

Anson’s fascination with the arts, world cultures and humanity has led him to travel six continents. He has participated in humanitarian efforts and missions around the world. Anson is passionate about empowering others to find authenticity amidst political and religious rhetoric. The dedication of his first book is to those who have lost or given up their lives in the struggle to be accepted for who they are.

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