Aaron Ausland

Development Practitioner, Founding Editor of The Global Citizen Journal

Aaron Ausland is a development practitioner with over a dozen years of experience designing, managing, and evaluating development projects in over two dozen countries. He's the founding editor of The Global Citizen, a print and online journal for young adults engaging the World through service. He also serves on the Board of Directors at The Krista Foundation for Global Citizenship, which is working to encourage a new generation of leaders to develop a lifelong ethic of service, civic engagement, and global understanding. His diverse work history includes launching a microfinance program in Bolivia, consulting a multinational mining corporation on their CSR strategy, evaluating a multi-million dollar emergency aid response to the Indian Ocean tsunami, co-creating an econometric model to help combat corruption in Peru, and leading a multinational team of operations auditors. He is currently the Associate Director of Independent Research and Evaluation at a large global relief and development organization. He has a B.A in International Political Economy and a Masters in Public Administration in International Development (MPA/ID) from Harvard Kennedy School. He is an active public speaker on themes related to global citizenship, community-based development principles, and development theology. He is writing his first book "Staying For Tea: A Principled Path to International Community Development."