Abdel Alzorgan

22-year-old water conservationist

Abdel is from Tafila, Jordan and is 22 years old.

His motivation comes from the needs of the local community of Tafila, where youth aren't afforded opportunities for training courses or workshops. As a caring citizen, he finds himself committed to helping improve the kind of life that citizens have in Jordan. Abdel does this by learning abroad and then coming back to spread his knowledge and experiences.

The impact of my actions is never measured by the person who’s trying to change; it's more of what people feel after having a session of training or a talk session, what they got to know and how they can implement it in their lives. In all the projects I was a part of, I always tend to show the motive first, what is going to happen if we got educated more, and what does that have an impact on our lives? these questions touch the part we all are trying to develop, because as I can see it, most of the youth in my country want to be educated and more open to gain more, and most of the things I do come in this point, a sustainable development in which each single friend of mine or a workshop attendee takes it from his side to spread it to the people he knows.

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