Raquel Eatmon

TV News Broadcaster turn CEO Rising Media, Entrepreneur & Possibility Broker

Her commitment to networking proactive people together was born out of a personal need and her determination to start a genuine conversation about transformational leadership led to a movement. Raquel Eatmon is CEO of Rising Media LLC, an accredited TV News Broadcaster, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur and Founder of The Woman of Power Leadership. Before taking her stand as an entrepreneur, Raquel was a T.V. anchor/ reporter in such markets as CBS 11 in Dallas, Texas. She left the news business to fulfill a greater passion. Raised by three women: Mother, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother, Raquel longed to work in women’s empowerment and optimal living. She developed a now, 9-year running weekly Gannett newspaper column “Be Inspired with Raquel”. She also authored Strut Your Stuff: Principles in Purpose, Power & Position and she is championing women's leadership. Connect: