Adam Davis

Writer, Speaker, & Coach

Adam Davis is a former police officer with experience as a patrol officer, traffic homicide investigator, criminal investigator, and as a hostage negotiator. His writing for law enforcement often breaches into touching the lives of everyday citizens with his heartfelt style and genuine desire to serve. In 2015, just six months after releasing his first paperback, Spirit & Truth: 52 Encouraging Messages for America’s Law Enforcement (Amazon), Adam shifted his focus from serving in active law enforcement to service in ministry, writing, and business. Since then, he has been featured on Entrepreneur, FoxNews, The Huffington Post, The Blaze Radio Network,, and many others for his accomplishments, advice, and efforts in business and ministry to law enforcement. Adam is an alumni of Troy University, author of three books, a writer, coach, and speaker. Most notably, however, he is the husband of Amber and father of three children. Adam has been a highly sought after speaker with most his most invitations to Auburn University’s Department of Economic and Government Affairs and TEDx Troy University. To learn more, you can visit Facebook @TheAdamDavis Twitter @TheAdam_Davis