Adam Bosworth

Co-Founder, Keas

Adam Bosworth is a serial technology leader and innovator, who has been instrumental in building numerous technology products, including Google Health, Google Calendar and Spreadsheets, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Internet Explorer, BEA WebLogic Integration and Workshop and most recently, Keas, a social engagement and wellness platform for the enterprise.

After facing serious family challenges with the health care system, Adam transitioned from 25 years of building databases and software to apply this knowledge and pursue his passion for helping people become healthy and well. He co-founded Keas in 2008 to bring together the latest social engagement technology, medical information and wellness programs to inspire, motivate and empower the enterprise workforce to better manage their own health and wellness and live healthier, happier lives.

Adam’s long, successful career in technology began during college, where his strong math skills and great interest in architecture lead him to summer jobs at various computer companies in New York. He attributes his unique ability to find simple solutions to complex problems to being dyslexic and having to learn, at a very early age, to read in patterns and create cognitive pictures to understand and process information. He believes this type of visualization allows him solve challenging problems others do not think can be solved. Adam received a bachelor’s degree in history from Harvard University.