Adam Wright

Founder and Editor-In-Chief,

Adam Wright is a TV Critic and Comedy/Satire writer. He is currently the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of

As a 2011 Journalism Graduate from St. Thomas University in Fredericton, New-Brunswick Canada, Adam has been writing about TV since 2007. He started his own TV Column in the campus newspaper and held that gig for his 4 years at St. Thomas University. In 2009, he brought his writing online and created . is a TV website that covers news, reviews, updates, and more. Adam has managed to raise the profile of the smaller site into a name in the Entertainment business.

Adam is also well known for his comic-edge. His columns are often fueled with his own brand of humor. On Twitter @TVDoneWright , he live-tweets his favorite TV shows and has gained his own following thanks to his razor-wit and self-proclaimed #AdamRage.

He hopes to continue in the Entertainment business as a TV Critic and a Comedy writer. His big dream is to someday develop his own TV Comedy.



Twitter: @TVDoneWright