Addison Rose Vincent

Transfeminine Genderqueer Activist, Advocate for Survivors of Violence, Mx. Pride LA 2017

Addison Rose Vincent (they/them) is a 25-year-old Canadian transfeminine genderqueer activist living in Southern California. They graduated from Chapman University in 2015 with a Bachelors in Peace Studies, and currently serves as a Lead Advocate for Pride United, a program in San Fernando Valley dedicated to LGBTQIA+ survivors of violence. Addison came out as queer in 2010 and trans in 2013, and since then has been unapologetic and vocal about queer, trans, and intersex justice and liberation. In their down-time, Addison enjoys dancing, blasting 80s rock music, soaking in endless bubble baths, and spending hours on Netflix and Tumblr. If you would like to contact Addison about a speaking engagement, please email