Adrian Brooks

Poet, novelist, nonfiction writer, playwright and performer

Adrian Brooks is a poet, novelist, nonfiction writer, playwright and performer. In the 1960s he was active in the anti-war protest movement, a volunteer for Martin Luther King Jr., and a student at the radical international Friends World Institute, and he attended Woodstock. During the 1970s he was in SoHo with Andy Warhol and in the fore of gay lib culture as a poet, activist, scriptwriter and star of the San Francisco “Angels of Light,” an iconic underground free theater and radical vanguard of the city.

He has lived in Europe, Africa, India and Australia, staging multimedia theater performances with the famous “Amsterdam Balloon Company.” He’s given poetry readings at Shakespeare & Co in Paris, Cambridge University in the UK, brown cafés in Holland, and AIDS hospices, and for men’s groups. A devotee of Ramana Maharshi, he’s offered counseling on death row at San Quentin. Brooks continues to write about vanguard counterculture from the '60s to the present and reviews books for Lamba Literary. Currently he runs a book reading series at Books Inc. in the Castro, San Francisco’s gay mecca; creates text for celebrated theater artist Sha Sha Higby; and supports charities in rural India. He blogs at