Aerin Alexander

Founder Energy Life Sciences Institute

I am a mind-body movement educator, dancer, author, international workshop leader and founder of the Energy Life Sciences Institute, an integrative medicine center. I was born in Buenos Aires where, after finishing high school, I studied and taught dance, theater and the arts. I moved to Los Angeles in 1995 hired by Dr. Carlos Castaneda to teach his work, based on the shamanistic knowledge of ancient Mexico. I learned to speak English and earned a Bachelor Degree in Science and later a Master Degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of California, Northridge. In my thirst for learning about movement and healing, and inspired by Castaneda, I studied Somatic Education and graduated from the four-year Feldenkrais® Method Teacher Training in 2004. I also earned certifications in other forms of mindfulness through movement including Yoga, Sounder sleep System® and Gyrotonic®. Throughout a life-long education development I have continued to travel around the world teaching Castaneda’s work based on awareness through movement for the last 22 years. In 2009, my husband and I created the Being Energy® Methodology, integrating Carlos Castaneda’s work with new scientific understandings related to consciousness through movement. Three years ago I felt the need to further understand the psychology behind pain and limitations and I went on to study Spiritual Psychology and earned a Master degree in 2016 form the University of Santa Monica, California. Today, I define myself as a neuro-somatic scientist. I am passionate about what I offer to my clients and students: to unlock the pain from past experiences and relationships through organic movement. I lead others on a journey of self-discovery to free the connective tissue that holds thoughts and emotions of unwanted burdens and promote full range of motion, joy in movement, creativity and fulfillment. I incorporate the knowledge that I gained as a student of Carlos Castaneda with my scientific background, both in kinesiology and in psychology. I am passionate about what I do, which is in short, to be of service to others integrating body, mind and spirit. I believe we can always recover our vitality and youth, and our daring for life at any age, not matter what. It is our birthright. We are beings of energy and we are in this planet, on a journey of consciousness. It is my intention to dedicate every breath of my existence to the enhancement of consciousness for the highest good of all.