Amy Hinojosa

President and CEO of MANA, A National Latina Organization

Amy Hinojosa is the President and CEO of MANA, A National Latina Organization, the oldest and largest Latina membership organization in the United States. Since 1974, MANA has been the leading voice for Latinas in the areas of health, financial well-being, education and technology access, environmental concerns, civil rights and diversity and inclusion. Amy is responsible for the operations and oversees the educational programming of the national organization, as well as national advocacy efforts. She has extensive experience working on local and national grassroots campaigns targeted at mobilizing voices and actions in Hispanic communities nationwide on topics ranging from financial literacy and retirement, mentoring, long term care planning, and census participation to advocacy efforts on student loans, immigration reform and health care reform. Community education and engagement have been central to her work, with a particular emphasis on youth. Amy currently serves as Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility, and as a Member of the Board of Directors for the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda.