AJ Hartnett

Business development executive and health and wellness advocate. University of Florida and Northwestern graduate. Currently enrolled at Stanford University. Cancer survivor.

Andy has been a health and wellness advocate from an early age. He was introduced to a plant based diet at the age of 17 and has continually refined his discipline in this area throughout his adult life. He is also a cancer survivor. Mind and spirit has played an integral role in Andy's commitment to wellness as well. He was introduced to yoga and meditation as a teen and continues that discipline today. Business building has also contributed to his personal growth, with involvement in six different successful start-ups as well as serving as an executive with leading media companies. He was an early adopter to the digital business in the 90's ( and AOL) and continues to be as passionate as ever about digital innovation. The ever evolving political landscape both national and international is of great interest, too. He has served on the Electoral College (New Jersey). He has a BA from the University of Florida and also earned an MS from the Medill School at Northwestern University. He is also doing continuing studies in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program at Stanford University as well as Improv work at Second City. Andy has two children that live and work in New York City. Andy resides in Chicago. ----- Digital media / start-up vet, writer, surf, golf, arts vegan, wanderlust, @Cubs, @U2, cancer survivor,, LinkedIn: