Aladdin Elaasar

Author, "The Last Pharaoh: Mubarak and the Uncertain Future of Egypt in the Obama Age"

Award-winning author and lecturer Aladdin Elaasar was nominated as a candidate for the presidential elections in Egypt in 2005. His campaign gained worldwide media coverage. He is a former professor of Arabic Language and Area Studies at the Defense Language Institute, and the Monterey Institute of International Studies. Born, raised and educated in Egypt and the United States, Aladdin Elaasar is an expert on Egypt and the Arab World. He has been a frequent commentator on the Middle East on American TV and Radio networks.
His columns have been syndicated through the Tribune/Knight Ridder covering international relations, current events, and Arab/American issues. Coverage about him and his books have been published in many newspapers and online publications in both English and Arabic such as : The Daily Herald, Chicago Tribune, Forbes, InFocus, USA Today, Wall Street Journal,,,, Fox News, NPR, The Progressive Radio, Montana Public Access TV and cable, Chicago Public TV, Middle East Quarterly, Word Press, Daily Lab, Monterey Herald,,,, Twitter,,,,,, the, Al-Jazeera, Arab Times, Voice of America, Swiss Info, La Presse, YedNet,, Maktoob, Okaz, Saudi Daily, and others. Elaasar is a former editorial producer and content manager for and Arabic radio talk show co-host in Chicago. He speaks English, Arabic, French and Spanish. Most recently, he won the Excellence in Blogging Award for “excellence in writing in a manner that is driven by clarity, inspires understanding, and advances knowledge on issues related to the Middle East”.