Alan Ross

Executive Director, Samaritans Suicide Prevention Center

Alan Ross has been the executive director of the Samaritans Suicide Prevention Center in NYC for over 25 years, following a career as an educator, journalist and corporate consultant. Originally a volunteer on Samaritans 24-hour suicide prevention hotline, Ross went on to develop their hotline, public education and professional development training programs, which have trained over 3,000 hotline staff and over 40,000 health providers from: NYC Department of Education, NYC Department on Aging, NYPD, FDNY, Alzheimer's Association, U.S. Coast Guard, AIDS Task Forces, Gay & Lesbian Anti-Violence Project, St. Vincent's Rape Crisis, LOISADA Corporation, Asian-American Mental Health, Salvation Army, Girl Scouts of America and others. His work has been featured in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Daily News, Oprah, New York Magazine; he has appeared on Good Morning America, PBS, Nightline, CNN and MTV; and is co-author of training articles in Brief Treatment and Crisis Intervention and the British Journal of Social Work. His corporate clients included Citibank, N.A.; PepsiCo, Inc; General Foods; Monsanto; Kidder Peabody; Union Carbide and others.

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