Alana Moceri

International relations analyst, commentator and writer. Professor at the Universidad Europea de Madrid

A rigorous analyst and a dynamic communicator, Alana Moceri has earned a reputation for distilling complex international trends and events to their core causes and practical impacts. She uniquely guides her readers and viewers to understand the why, the how, the what—and the what next—of our world. Alana’s main areas of expertise are politics and communication in the U.S., the EU, and Spain. Deeply passionate about what makes democracies work, and work well, she regularly analyzes public diplomacy, global governance, trade, political campaigns, public opinion, and grassroots activism. She has written for The Huffington Post U.S. and Spanish editions, The National Interest, El Español, El País and EsGlobal. She has appeared on numerous TV and radio programs and events, including Sky News, El Debate de TVE, El Mundo en 24horas, Las Mañanas de Cuatro and TEDx. Alana works in Madrid as a university professor at Universidad Europea, and has co-authored four books. But it’s her extensive real-world experience in advocacy and communication that enables her analyses to focus so clearly on tangible effects of international developments. She has worked both as a paid professional and as a volunteer on political and non-profit campaigns, including Barack Obama’s ground-breaking presidential run in 2008. She founded the Madrid chapter of Democrats Abroad Spain. She currently serves on the board of directors of THRibune, Tribune for Human Rights and the UCLA Alumni Association in Spain.