Alec Johnson

Lifelong Activist and now Democratic Nominee running for Texas State House District 11

Throughout my life, I have been willing to sacrifice my own comforts for the betterment of others. I have joined organizations that were proactively confronting Government overreach and Big Business domination – both of which have had negative impacts on the well-being of individual hard-working people, and on the environment that many of those people relied on for jobs, health, and their children’s future. This is why I came to Texas. A few years ago, I arrived to support efforts to stop what I believed would be an environmental disaster for Texas and our nation. Having made Nacogdoches my home, my belief in the necessity for sacrifice, my talent for complex problem-solving, and my determination to make our world a better place, compel me to stand up when called to service. I have decided to stand for State Representative of District 11. I am also the proud and happy husband of Gloria. I have two daughters, Eliza and Amelia and two step-children Samuel and Victoria.