Alex Koenig

Filmmaker and Entertainment Journalist

Alex Koenig is a screenwriter/director/producer/journalist based in Miami. He has written about music since 2011, when the ghost of beloved rock critic Lester Bangs whisked through his open apartment window, drifted above his mahogany desk, and urged Koenig into a career of music journalism. Not usually one to ignore the advice given by spectral spirits, Koenig obliged. He began his career working as a founding editor for Rap Genius and its sister site, Rock Genius. Koenig also created the Rock Map, which takes lyrics from myriad rock songs that mention specific locations, and sets down markers on a Google map with annotations as to why those locations are relevant. Alex currently writes an arts and entertainment column for The Huffington Post, contributes to the new Myspace, has blogged for the award-winning music blog, Passion of the Weiss, and has freelanced at many other places. He also studies screenwriting, directing, and production at the University of Miami.