Alex Benjamin

Director of EIPA, a multi-disciplined pro-Israel advocacy Group based in Brussels, with offices in Paris and Berlin

Alex Benjamin has been Director of EIPA in Brussels since March 2015. EIPA stands for Europe Israel Public Affairs and Europe Israel Press Association, the only 100% pro-Israel advocacy group based at the heart of the EU, with offices in Paris, Berlin and Rome.
The Public Affairs department is focused on the EU institutions: ensuring that the pro-Israel position is articulated without taint of partisanship and with a specifically tailored message depending on audience.
The Press Association deals with providing the media with timely, accurate pro-Israel messaging on a proactive and reactive basis.
Alex ensures that both departments work seamlessly together, albeit to different audiences to achieve tow simple goals: 1. Connecting Europe and Israel. 2. Influencing and changing negative political and media narratives of Israel
Prior to this Position Alex was Director of Political Affairs at European Friends of Israel.
Alex also has over 10 years experience of working in the European parliament as a political adviser and communications director.
He also worked for the former Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, David Trimble following the signing of the Good Friday agreement.
His first job was in an advertising agency.