Alex D'Andrea

Manager and producer

Alex D'Andrea began his career at the prestigious NYU Film School and moved on to production and development positions at companies such as Orion Pictures and at Epic Productions, where Irwin Yablans hand-picked D'Andrea as a story editor before moving him to acquisitions and production. D'Andrea was a manager and producer at Seven Summits Picture and Management. Whilst at Seven Summits, D'Andrea also developed a feature film with Vince Vaughn's company, Wild West Picture Show Productions.

At Edmonds Entertainment Group, D'Andrea doubled as a manager and as a producer on film and television projects for close to a decade. EEG has successfully created a reputation for innovation, creativity and excellence in a fast-paced, ever-changing industry setting up over 10 network television projects and over 30 film projects with major motion picture studios.

After Edmonds Entertainment, D'Andrea formed the production company Baldwin D'Andrea, a partnership between Alex D'Andrea and Stephen Baldwin. Baldwin D'Andrea had many projects in development with all of the Baldwin brothers, from action thrillers, to docu-dramas, and zany comedies. Also included was a Western film with Alec Baldwin to direct. Alex D'Andrea and William Baldwin made an acquisition of the New York Times Bestseller "Benjamin Franklin: An American Life" by Walter Isaacson.

In addition to many TV and Film projects, Baldwin D'Andrea Productions began development on book deals with sports legends Michael Irvin and Michael "Sugar" Ray Richardson for their tell all autobiographies.

Most recently, D'Andrea started a company with managers from the UK and Toronto, in order to have a triangle management/production company. ADA & Associates Management & Productions is currently in development on the feature film "Wicked" set in London, in the vein of Guy Ritchies "Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" casting by Deborah Aquila, and slated to start in September 2011. Additionally, ADA is going to align with and develop a project with Adrian Grenier from HBO's "Entourage." They are also in development with Eyeworks on a television show staring the Crown Prince of Italy. Furthermore, ADA is in the process of making the acquisition of the book "Golden Bones" written by Sichan Siv, former US Ambassador to the UN.

Alex D'Andrea sits on the executive committee for Rally for Kids with Cancer, who's fund-raising philosophy is driven by the belief that by making a difference in the lives of children, we are making an invaluable investment in our future, community and our world. He is joined by Eva Longoria, who acts as the Rally for Kids with Cancer honorary chair.