Alexander Motyl

Professor of Political Science, Rutgers University-Newark

Alexander J. Motyl (Ph.D., Columbia University, 1984) is professor of political science at Rutgers University-Newark, as well as a writer, poet, and artist. A specialist on Ukraine, Russia, and the USSR, he is the author of Imperial Ends: The Decay, Collapse, and Revival of Empires; Revolutions, Nations, Empires: Conceptual Limits and Theoretical Possibilities; Dilemmas of Independence: Ukraine after Totalitarianism; Sovietology, Rationality, Nationality: Coming to Grips with Nationalism in the USSR; Will the Non Russians Rebel? State, Ethnicity, and Stability in the USSR; The Turn to the Right: The Ideological Origins and Development of Ukrainian Nationalism, 1919 1929, and the editor of over ten volumes, including The Encyclopedia of Nationalism. He is, together with Bohdan Klid, the editor of The Holodomor Reader: A Sourcebook on the Famine of 1932–1933 in Ukraine, and, with Ksenya Kiebuzinski, The Great West Ukrainian Prison Massacre of 1941: A Sourcebook. His novels include Whiskey Priest; Who Killed Andrei Warhol; Flippancy; The Jew Who Was Ukrainian; My Orchidia; Sweet Snow; Fall River; Vovochka; and Ardor. His paintings are displayed on