Alykhan Mohamed

Urban planner and designer

Alykhan Mohamed is an urban planner and designer from Boston, Massachusetts and currently works as an urban planner at Asakura Robinson in Austin, TX. Although he originally studied as an architect, Alykhan’s passion for international development led him to pursue a master’s degree in urban planning at Harvard University. He firmly believes that small changes, conversations and projects can make big statements and pave the way for innovation on a larger scale. He is especially passionate about exploring new strategies to increase transparency and participation in urban issues through physical interactions and conversations, technology and information design.

Alykhan has extensive experience working in challenging urban settings as a planner, teacher and researcher. During his time as an urban planner at Hunnarshaala Foundation in India, Alykhan worked with several local NGOs to build public infrastructure in informal neighborhoods and develop organizational capacity. He has also worked as an elementary school teacher in New York City, and as the director of a transitional shelter program in Boston.

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