Amalia Negreponti

Writer, analyst, life-coach

I am a writer, now living in New York as a permanent resident. Parallel to my university studies in Philosophy, Constitutional Theory, Psychoanalysis, I starting working as a journalist at 19. I have worked for The BBC, La Regle du Jeu, Espresso, the HuffPost, Ta Nea, Proto Thema. I have been honored to receive distinctions from the US, France, and various international foreign policy fora, including a Marshall Memorial Foundation Fellowship. I have published two books (contemporary history/literary history, and a novel), and a novella serialised in the French review La Regle du Jeu. A few years ago, I immigrated to the US, and am now working on a collection of essays on the connection between health and emotion, and stories on cultural integration. I am also a contributor to the Los Angeles Review of Books!