Amanda Feilding

Executive Director, The Beckley Foundation

Amanda Feilding is the founder and director of the Beckley Foundation, a UK-based think-tank that, since its establishment in 1998, has been at the forefront of global drug policy reform and scientific research into the potential medical benefits of psychoactive substances, with a particular focus on cannabis and the psychedelics.

The Foundation’s Scientific Programme has led Amanda to collaborate with leading experts and institutions on a wide range of projects investigating the neurophysiology, pharmacology and subjective effects of meditation and psychoactive substances such as cannabis, psilocybin, MDMA and LSD. This pioneering research has shed much light on the mechanisms of action of psychoactive substances, their therapeutic potential and consciousness itself.

Through the Foundation’s Policy Programme, Amanda has greatly influenced global drug policy reform. From 1998 onwards she has organised a series of pivotal international seminars at the House of Lords, publishing over 40 much-cited books and reports, holding numerous meetings with thought-leaders, and advising President Pérez Molina and other policy makers on drug policy reform.