Amani Mohsen

My name is Amani, I'm 33 years old, and I just learned how to ride a bicycle this year. Best selfish moment ever.

Born in Jersey, but my heart is in Egypt. 1st generation of immigrant parents, much like most of my friend circle. Grew up as the girl with the name, hair, and school lunch that was different than everyone else's. Somewhere in my 20s, I realized how those differences made me "exotic" and "unique" and now in my 30s, I seem to be just like everyone else because now, everyone is trying to be what they were hiding as kids.

I'm stuck in the 90s, still loving Dylan McKay and the curly hair version of Mariah Carey. I try to delete Facebook everyday but then end up finding out top stories days later and end up completely out of the loop. I do though love leaving my iPhone at home though when I go on vacations.

Pizza and red wine are my dinner of choice.

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