Amara Majeed

Author of The Foreigners, founder of The Hijab Project.

Amara Majeed is an 18-year-old Muslim-American activist and feminist. She is the author of The Foreigners, a book written in an attempt to eradicate stereotypes about Muslims. At 16, she founded "The Hijab Project," a global initiative that promotes the understanding and empowerment of Muslim women through social experimentation. Miss Majeed has received large-scale attention from the media for this; additionally, she was personally invited to the Senate Floor to receive an official citation for her project. In an effort to empower Muslim women and get them more involved in business and politics, she created a network of English-speaking Americans to teach the English language to Muslim girls from around the world. She has shared her opinions through media outlets such as CNN, The Huffington Post, and Bustle, covering her perspectives on major events such as September 11th and the terrorist attacks on France. Miss Majeed has been featured by numerous media sources, including but not limited to Global News, MSNBC, Marie Claire, The Washington Post, and soon, Seventeen Magazine. She was recently named by Business Insider as one of the twenty most impressive high school students graduating in 2015. She graduated from high school recently, and she will be matriculating at Brown University in the fall.