Amber Sabathia

Mommy Mogul, Co-founder of PitCCh In Foundation

Amber Sabathia is a woman full of passion and purpose. She is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, mentor, public speaker, published columnist and contributing editor. She is a "mommy mogul" and an inspiration. Amber is the creator and designer of CCandy™, a new, in-demand lifestyle brand for children, featuring Major League Baseball team branded and logo themed apparel. Having grown up in the inner city and been raised by a single mom, Amber learned early on to follow her dream that anything is possible. With this core value at the forefront, she co-founded the PitCCh In Foundation, devoted to enriching the lives of at-risk youth in inner cities. With Amber at the helm as Executive Director, the PitCCh In Foundation has spearheaded countless initiatives and events in an effort to inspire, empower and provide bright futures for the leaders of tomorrow. Visit and follow on twitter and Instagram @AmberSabathia.