Amber Kane

Creativity Educator, textile designer, stellar daydreamer, and lover of animals.

Amber Kane is a textile designer, creativity educator, and stellar daydreamer. Her career began at age 22, when she started working as a high school art teacher in the public school system, while holding this position she taught, intro to art, darkroom and digital photography, sculpture, jewelry/metals, studio art and AP Art. Amber also was co-advisor of Student Council along with being Co-Advisor and found of Art CO-OP, an after school program for students feeling discounted in the school. She now runs her gallery, teaches AP Art courses to students living all over the world,and teaches in person workshops and classes focusing on creativity. Amber is also spending her time developing a wide range of online courses that help students to develop creative thought, personal voice , and critical thinking. While Amber spends a lot of her time teaching art, she is also a working artist who began weaving and designing textiles for herself, but soon had orders and requests from those that saw her work. This experience encouraged her to launch her textile design business, where she designs and creates one-of-a-kind pieces that transform your closet. Amber’s textiles can be found on her website at