Amy Peterson

Co-Founder of Rebel Nell. Motivated by the Motor City.

“Let your passion be your motivation”- Amy Peterson, Co-Founder of Rebel Nell and member of the Associate Counsel of the Detroit Tigers, believes in those exact words. Amy’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for helping others lead her to cofounding one of her greatest accomplishments, Rebel Nell in 2013. Rebel Nell is a jewelry company with a purpose, that employs disadvantaged women in Detroit to help them transition from a life of dependence into one of self-reliance and self-empowerment. As Co-Founder, Amy’s background in law and brilliance in business has significantly contributed to the success of Rebel Nell in its early stages. When Amy moved to Detroit in 2007, she immediately fell in love with one of America’s greatest cities and was adamant about contributing to Detroit’s revival. Living next to one of the city’s most well known shelters gave Amy the unique opportunity to build relationships with many of the residents. The inspirational stories many of the women shared of overcoming emotional, physical and financial abuse were the catalyst for creating Rebel Nell. Amy was adamant about providing women in the shelters with an opportunity to lead an independent life. She believed that employment paired with financial literacy, business education, and a focus on life wellness would help them regain the confidence they need to lead them on the path to success. Amy has been recognized for the impact she has had in the city of Detroit, most recently in Dbusiness, Detroit’s premier business journal. With revenues that surmount 254 million through working with the Detroit Tigers Associate Council alone, Amy is a force to be reckoned with. Amy achieved her Bachelor of Arts in History from Kenyon College, Her Doctor of Law J.D. from New England School of Law, and her Masters of Business Administration from Suffolk University- Sawyer School of Management.