Amy Segreti

Journalist, dancer, entrepreneur, coach. Self-inquiry is sexy.

I help people honor their inner compass, craft their day from the inside out, connect with fellow world-loopers, and weave their unique selves into their daily rhythm. My background is in print journalism, so for better or worse, I learned it was okay to follow a deep immersive interest in every topic I loved under the sun. :) As such, I'm a location-independent entrepreneur (though I choose to live in Boulder, Colorado) and I run creative platforms online, as well as host in-person gatherings driven by my interests and impact. My main site, Live All of You, is my central hub through which I write, coach, group-facilitate and speak about living all of ourselves through inquiry, expression and reverence. I am the event producer and creatrix of Revere, an event that strives to reclaim tired stereotypes of the strip club for the Divine Feminine, giving honor, reverence and witness to women's sensual empowerment. Finally, I have an Instagram platform called Purdy Purity where I showcase sustainable beauty and lifestyle products and experiences that have a positive impact on the planet. I am also a burlesque dancer, Tarot card reader, women's holistic sex educator, and hostess of community events that encourage and support embodiment, expression and/or entrepreneurship.