Amy Shiner

Dedicated researcher, presenter, mentor and community member in alternative sexual lifestyle choices

Amy Shiner has been a dedicated researcher, presenter, mentor, and community member in alternative sexual lifestyle choices for the past six years. Her passion in life, which has overtaken most of her free time, is to redefine stereotypes and actively pursues this goal by first-hand experiences, conferences, and community outreach.

She self-identifies as a supporter of open relationships, pansexual, a submissive in the BDSM community, and continually questioning the constructs of gender. Her main interests, and blogs, are primarily about poly relationships, communication for both poly and monogamous relationships, spirituality, and her adventures in the kink community. Besides her Huffington Post blog she also writes for Fearless Press on the connection of Buddhism and Kink called The Naked Lotus and Modern Poly.

When not writing she is an active lay member at her local Unitarian Universalist Society and very active in her church community. She is also going through discernment right now. Her interests lie in interfaith, pastoral care, opening and affirming congregations, and looking at graduate school.

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