Amy Swift

Amy Swift Crosby, Founder, SMARTY

Amy is the founder of SMARTY, a community and resource for women who own their own businesses, are freelancers or otherwise creating independent incomes. SMARTY is a membership-based community where entrepreneurial panels, small group workshops and extended courses connect the dots for business-owners with vetted, credible tools and information that save time and money along the entrepreneurial journey. Amy and her team of small business experts have helped thousands of women grow their ideas and businesses through not only the seminal Foundation Course but also through Growth Spurt, the BrainCircle program and a Peer to Peer learning platform that gives experts a medium for sharing their expertise with others within the community.

Amy was an early collaborator with Ladies Who Launch and co-authored a book by the same name. She has a seasoned history as a copy writer and brand strategist and is an expert in communications and brand positioning.