Amy Tirion

Founder of, Author of Knowing Beautiful, advocate for stillness, dedicated to personal buoyancy and inspiration

Speaker and author, Amy Tirion leads employee engagement and individual wellness and mindfulness programs that focus on the intellect, energy and emotion of personal change. Amy’s ten year change management consulting career with Accenture included leading their People, Values, Culture programs for the 1200 employees within their Bay Area offices. Amy is also an artist, dancer, and a restorative yoga trainer. She now uses her background to bring different modalities of mind-body and creative exploration to her clients for holistic support of their change journey.

As founder of Delight for the Soul, Amy empowers others to create more inspiration, space and buoyancy in life. Her workshops, retreats, and celebratory events lead individuals through personal journeys of reflection, creative self-expression and renewal.

Her award winning new gift book, Knowing Beautiful: A New Bedtime Story for Women, tucks women into bed with a warm sense of wholeness and self-appreciation.

Amy is profiled in Her Story, a mini documentary series on inner beauty produced by Elizabeth Arden. She lives in San Francisco and shares her passion for essence filled living with her husband and two daughters.

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